Innovador Desarrollo en Cancún

Puerto Cancún

 Sale   $ 399,900 USD

Area 320 Bedrooms 2-3 Bathroom 2 Year built 2019 Maintenance cost USD 250

Located in the number 1 tourist destination in Mexico within one of the developments that will change Mexico according to Forbes magazine, Puerto Cancun is a space where the sea and the city merge in the most exclusive lifestyle framed by an impressive natural setting with more than 18 km of coastline, combining elegance with a variety of unique experiences around shopping, gastronomy, cultural and entertainment events.

We redesigned modern architecture in a building that reinterprets the shark's dorsal fin giving it a special purpose: to preserve our sharks. A combination of engineering, design, technology, science and biology results in an impressive fusion between nature and architecture where luxury is found in every detail.

A project that gives a new meaning to the word sustainability, with a laboratory aimed at researching and preserving this endangered species and a percentage of sales destined for this cause.